We have a few reminders and suggestions to help you prepare for your epic memory making adventure.

Packet Pick Up

Packet pick up will be at the Layton Striders (1776 N. Hill Field Rd #4 Layton Utah 84041) from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Friday, September 14, 2018. There, you will pick up your swag bag, t-shirt, vehicle signs and a marker for body marking. In addition to the registration waiver you signed online, you will also be asked to sign or bring signed waivers for yourself and/or teammates. All participants must have a signed waiver or they will not participate in the Goliath Race. We have attached a waiver to this email and a printable waiver will be available on thegoliathrace.org website. The team captains or a representative of your team may bring a signed waiver for each participant on your team and pick up packets for your participating athletes. Body marking examples: Your bib number will be the same number on each arm and left calf. All team members will have the same bib number. Your right calf will have your age. Please come to the start with your numbers in place. Body marking is a long-standing tradition in triathlon. Make sure you check in your team the morning of the Race.

The Morning of the Race

We recommend that you be to the start Still Water Lake Estates (1791 W. Still Water Drive, Syracuse Ut. 84075) ) not later than 6:15 am. This will allow you enough time to get a feel for the transition area and swim handoff section. We will have some free giveaways and special recognitions starting at 6:45 am. We will also have pre-race announcements/instructions (7:00am) and the national anthem (7:20am). The race will start promptly at 7:30 am. Some of the teams will need every minute to make the 15 hour cut off (10:30 pm). We strongly recommend you bring mosquito repellant for the start and finish of the race not only for the athletes but for family and spectators. It can get a little buggy, especially in the evening. Spectators can walk along the length of the swim from the south side of the lake up on the berm that runs along the lake. Only the swimmers participating in the swim portion of the race are allowed onto the lake and beach area of Still Water Lake Estates. This is a private lake community and we want to respect the property of Still Water Lake Estates. Swimmers are allowed to wear wetsuits and teams can have up to 3 swimmers within the swim portion of the race. All swimmers will wear the provided swim cap. We will not use timing chips but use video timing at the transition areas and at certain check points. This means that the handoff or exchange will be done using a slap bracelet. Swimmers do not need to wear the slap bracelet. The first cyclist after the swim portion of the race will start out by wearing the slap bracelet to be passed off during exchanges in the appropriate exchange zones.

The Bike and Run

There will be cut off times. The swim must be done by 9:40 am. If your team has not completed the swim by 9:40 am, your team will be disqualified but be allowed to continue on in the spirit of the event. There is also a Bike cut off time, which is 5:20 pm. If your last cyclist does not make it to the Bike to Run transition area, you must drive your first runner to that point and start the run. The Race will end at 10:30 pm. We STRONGLY recommend that you know the course. The course will be well marked but the 112 miles is a long way and it’s easy to get confused as to where you are. If you miss turn around points and checkpoints your time will not count. Cyclists must ride with traffic and follow all Utah Cycling laws. Bicycles are considered a vehicle and subject to the same provisions as the operator of any other vehicle. There will be traffic control volunteers at each intersection but it is still the responsibility of the participant to follow the laws of the road and use good judgment entering intersections or high traffic areas. ***Helmets must be worn at all times during the cycling portion of the Goliath. Drafting or following another cyclist is not allowed but unlike traditional USA triathlon rules, riding two abreast is allowed only if you do not impede traffic. The support vehicle may not follow directly behind the athlete during the bike or run portion of the Goliath race. The support vehicle will not be allowed to block traffic or impede the route of the race at any time during the event. The support vehicle is expected to leapfrog or meet their athlete at pre-designated areas for athlete transition/exchange or aid/nutrition. The Run is a 26.2-mile jaunt around Antelope Island. The first half of the run is challenging but fun with some tough climbs and rolling hills. The second half of the run is flat and gentle on the legs to finish out The Goliath Race. The ***runners will run against the flow of traffic. Antelope Island is generally not a high traffic area but some of the roads have narrow shoulders and safety is most important. When a team is ready to exchange the vehicle will use the designated exchange zones marked on the route. This is to create a fair and safer race.

Some teams will be running in the dark. This means that a headlamp and bright colored safety vest must be worn by the running athlete starting at dusk for safety. NO ACCEPTIONS.

Your first athlete (which will be your first cyclist) onto Antelope Island must have their race number visible and body markings so that the Antelope Island officials will allow you onto the Island.

The support vehicle will also have support vehicle signs that must be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle. This will allow you onto the Island without additional fees.

We hope your vehicle is ready with your nutrition, bike racks and fun decorations. Remember, this is a self-support race. We will have some aid stations along the route to maintain a presence on the Island but this may not be enough for your nutrition needs.


Antelope Island State Park, local laws, and ordinances will be followed or teams will be subject to disqualification and forfeit of race medal, t-shirt, timing, and prizes. *A “Tread lightly/Leave No Trace” philosophy will be strictly adhered to. Any alterations/impacts to the natural landscape are strictly prohibited. *All vehicles will remain on asphalt and or hardened surfaces and are restricted to existing publically accessible roadways. No cross-country travel will be permitted.

Goliath Race Participants and spectators of the participants must comply with all park rules, local laws and ordinances.

Still Water Lake Estates is private property and we have been asked to not allow non-swim athletes onto the property or beach area of the lake. The view from the public side of the property is very spectator friendly and will allow for athlete support and encouragement. Parking: Park diagonally as shown in the below picture at the west end of Still Water Lakes. We will have parking volunteers to help assist in this process. Please follow their directions.