Hometown Heros

Something To Think About

The Goliath Race and all the awesomeness you get from participating in it costs less than a single mental health therapy session.

The Goliath Race is a way to support The De Novo Project. This project came about due to the need for mental health services for those who suffer from severe depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health concerns.

The De Novo Project also provides scholarships to Therapeutic Boarding Schools for Adolescents and Young Adults who struggle with addiction and mental health issues. It is interesting that mental health receives very little attention but is one of the most important aspects of our lives.

There are many different treatment modalities and tools to create lasting happiness and a more resilient life. The De Novo Project is helping individuals and family members caught in the wake of suicide and traumatic deaths in their family. These individuals are suffering from severe depression and other mental health concerns due to these experiences.

Currently, mental health Insurance is not adequate to meet the needs of most people with mental health concerns. They typically do not allow for longer term therapy or alternative treatment modalities that are extremely effective.


Mental health concerns cannot be fought on our own. It takes family, friends, community and skill building to overcome these Goliaths in our lives. Typically organized charitable events support great causes like financial support to families battling cancer, cancer research, and Diabetes research etc. But, the mental health impact is often overlooked, and quite frankly, ignored.

The De Novo Project was created to help meet a need in our community. We all know someone or have a family member that suffers from mental health concerns and can see the impact this has on marriage, family, and community.